At Maximal, we take your security seriously. Our unarmed guards are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment, whether you need security for your business, residential property, or event. They are a trusted choice for a wide range of security needs.

At Maximal, we understand that not all security needs require armed personnel. That's where our highly-trained unarmed guards come into play. Unarmed guards provide a valuable and cost-effective security solution for a wide range of situations, focusing on professionalism, vigilance, and proactive deterrence. Here's how our unarmed guards can enhance your security:

Our unarmed guards are trained to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanor while ensuring your safety. They provide a reassuring presence that welcomes clients, visitors, and employees, creating a sense of security without the intimidation factor associated with armed guards.

Unarmed guards excel in access control and visitor management. They can monitor entrances, check identification, and enforce access policies, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter your premises. This is especially important for businesses, residential communities, and corporate facilities.

Unarmed guards are skilled in surveillance techniques and monitoring of security cameras. They are well-versed in identifying suspicious behavior, potential security breaches, or safety hazards, allowing them to take preventive action promptly.

While unarmed, our guards are trained to respond effectively in emergencies. They are equipped with communication tools to summon assistance when needed, ensuring a quick response from local law enforcement or other security personnel.

Unarmed guards are trained in conflict resolution techniques, de-escalation, and problem-solving. They can handle disputes or unruly individuals with diplomacy and tact, minimizing the risk of confrontations turning into dangerous situations.

Our unarmed guards are often positioned in customer-facing roles. They can assist visitors, provide directions, and offer general assistance, enhancing the overall experience of clients, residents, or event attendees.

Unarmed guards offer an affordable security solution while still delivering a high level of protection. For businesses, residential communities, and events with lower security risk profiles, they provide a cost-effective alternative to armed security.

Our unarmed guards undergo comprehensive training in security protocols, customer service, and emergency response. They are certified and licensed, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards.

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